Street Food Finds

Taipei, like many other East Asian cities is known for its night market scene and street food. You will find many alley ways and nooks and crannies filled with food stalls and tea spots (perfect for a foodie like me!) This week I came across two spots which I wanted to share, both of which I highly recommend.


I was in Ximen Ding doing some secret santa shopping last week when my friends and I found a Korean specialist food stall. They mainly served Gimbap (or kimbap). Gimbap is a popular Korean dish made with steamed white rice (bap), range of fillings (veggies or meat) and seaweed (gim).







Gimbap is traditionally served in bite size pieces but this stall served it as a roll. We went for the Vegetarian Burdock Rice roll (NT$40). It was filled with burdock (obvs), sweetcorn and lots of crunchy lettuce.

We were all headed home for dinner after shopping so decided to share one and regretted it shortly after having our first bite! It was a perfect on-the-go light, evening snack. A much healthier alternative to the usual cong you bing we go for.  I will most definitely be heading back for some more. If you’re around Ximen Ding then make sure to check it out. The stall is a 5 minute walk from Ximen station (exit 6), towards Coldstone.

Address: Zhongua Rd. Sec 1 No.144-1, Taipei, Taiwan

Phone (hotline): 2314-9808

Closest MRT: Ximen Exit 6


I have been an imagawayaki fan for as long as I can remember. It is a popular Japanese dessert that is quite popular  in Taiwan. In Chinese it is known as Chelun Bing, Car Tire Pastry (車輪餅) or Hongdou Bing, Red  Bean Pastry (紅豆餅).

Numerous stalls sell Chelun Bing and they come with various fillings including: red bean, custard, sesame, peanuts, chocolate etc. My all time fave has been custard but I never tried one with a combination of fillings. Now, I know I said we had dinner to eat after the Gimbap, but just look at this little piece of scrummyness. This particular stall was selling custard and chocolate flavored Chelun Bing (NT$15).





The vendor made some fresh ones for us by adding some batter, melting two chunks of Hershey’s kisses milk chocolate and adding a dollop of custard.



It was cooked to perfection – a fresh, crisp layer of batter with warm melted milk chocolate and custard oozing out of the center. It was much needed after an afternoon of stressful shopping in the rain.

photo 1

Also, can I just mention how trusting the vendor was? He lay his coin box out and we paid and took change on our own – what a rarity these days!


Address: FuHua Road (opp Zhishan station exit 1), Taipei Taiwan

Closest MRT: Zhishan (Exit 1)

Let me know what your street food faves are below. until next time! :)

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